Professional Auto Detailing Services You Can Afford
Serving Silverthorne, CO and Surrounding Areas

Having a clean vehicle is just as necessary as having a properly functioning engine. Why you might ask? Because it is part of the complete driving experience and because you deserve to have it! So, which is the professional auto detailing service provider people in Silverthorne, CO and surrounding area trust? The answer would be no other than High Rockies Auto Detailing! How can we help you? Keep reading and find out!

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians that use the latest in industry standards and technology to ensure every project undertaken is completed to client’s satisfaction. Prior to initiating work our professionals will discuss your requirements and offer customized Auto Detailing, Window Tint, Paint Protection Film, Paint Correction for the best outcome. Our amazing results and affordable pricing makes us a sure choice for all of your auto detailing needs.

We are truly a 100% satisfaction guaranteed business. At the end of each of your wash, opt in for the final inspection where we walk through your service and make sure we’ve met your expectations!